Use LinkedIn actively during Covid times to network and grow your business


LinkedIn is not merely a passive tool to track colleagues and peers.

Advanced users know how to leverage the platform to benefit their networks and their reputation and influence.

It is a crucial differentiator for those seeking to grow their network exponentially for professional and personal reasons.

So, rather than waiting for a second- or third-degree LinkedIn connection to make the first move and request to connect with you, take the initiative in making the request.

 In these times, where people are looking for personal connection (and may also have a little more time on their hands), extending invitations to connect may be well-received.

As well, consider creating a hub for yourself on LinkedIn by joining groups or forming new groups for like-minded lawyers that are similarly situated, whether by industry or geographic location.

Also consider posting thought leadership pieces or reposting other articles and posts of interest.

Adversity creates opportunities. Simply because you are physically isolating does not mean you must disengage from those around you, including in our legal community.

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