Upcoming Presentation by Howard Oliver, Chief Content Officer

Federated Press

Measuring the Impact of Social Media

By Howard Oliver, MBA, Founder and Chief Content Officer, What If What Next

16th Communications Performance Measurement, Toronto, February 24 & 25, 2015


Communications capability is a key competency of managerial leaders. In fact, a recent study of chief executives ranked it right at the top of the list of what makes them effective in fulfilling their leadership roles and responsibilities. There is, in fact, a distinct way in which leaders need to communicate in order to achieve their leadership goals and objectives. What is it that managerial leaders need to say and do to communicate effectively? How do you know for sure that you, and other managers in your organization, are communicating in the way that others listen, understand and respond?

  • Identify some of the leading research, principles and best practices on leadership communication.
  • Explore a means of objectively measuring management’s ability to communicate effectively.
  • Share data that pinpoints exactly where managers currently excel in their communications, and where they don’t.
  • Reveal the return on investment (ROI) on an organization’s reputation and operations when management communication is
    highly effective

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