Social Media Trends to Watch

The field of Social Media changes rapidly. Here are some trends to consider and more importantly thoughtfully react to:

  • Visual storytelling: In-the-moment and live content, live video-to-mobile.
  • Twitter fatigue: Users are starting to crave something different—bigger, more detailed, more interesting pieces of content that roll out slowly, like once per day or week. Journalistic style writing is now the norm.
  • Experience: A conduit for more vicarious experiences, video, feel like they’re a genuine part of the experience, as it’s unfolding.
  • Areas of communications: Social media are now used for customer service, increasing the significance and interactivity of exchanges between brands and consumers.
  • Paid is a reality: We are being herded into promoted ($) content.
  • Millennials expect reciprocity: A two-way, mutual relationship with companies and their brands. Customers consider a brand’s social, environmental or philanthropic efforts when making purchase decisions.
  • Customers expect: Brands should deliver a consistent, personalized experience across touch points.
  • Avoid being “taken down” by social media: Marketers will need to find ways to reset and restore their Social Media platforms in order not to be overwhelmed by constant changes in the online ecosphere.
  • Work with powerful middle- and micro-influencers: They often have more sway over a more intimate, targeted audience. Partner with influential users. It is important to put just as much time and energy cultivating influencers (movers and shakers) as with your customer base.
  • Show your “why”: Make people fall in love with not only your product but with the brand and who is behind the brand itself.
  • Humanize: Consumers may be more likely to pass over a bland brand. Humanize your brand!
  • Use engaging social media: Wisely post timely content, gifts for your audience, contests, show behind the scenes, etc.
  • Tribes, Community & Crowds: Review websites, social sharing of content, crowdfunding, etc. are important. The power of tribes, community, and crowds have only begun to realize their potential.
  • Measure: CRM is required to track, measure and personalize.

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