Content Marketing Solved

What If What Next’s content marketing services will help maximize the impact of your marketing budget this year. Double-down on what works, rather than just throw money at marketing — an advantage you don’t want to miss.

Deliver Value Early

  • Coordinate production of creative, multi-media content assets that support your enterprise’s business needs.
  • Develop and maintain the overall Content Marketing Calendar.
  • Develop an editorial calendar for content assets published on your social media, blogs, and external sites.
  • Assist in the tracking of key metrics against content campaigns, assets, and strategy.
  • Social distribution and activation of content.
  • Collaborate with your PR team on external and internal communication strategies that require content assets.
  • Track content production budget.

Our Methods

  • Deliver with the service sensibility of a concierge.
  • Keep the eventual goal in site with high awareness to present opportunities and deliverables.
  • Work to three-month project cycles, monthly Sprints, and weekly Scrum reviews.
  • Deliver superb writing and great storytelling always.
  • Build and execute flexible and adaptive marketing communications and PR campaigns.
  • Use Content Marketing, Social Media, and PR to enter new markets and launch new disruptive product categories.

Our Style

  • Masters of the obvious and practical.
  • Coherent communication of better brand perceptions.
  • Pragmatic innovation to move faster into new markets and sell more.
  • Work to gain ownership of a word in the prospect’s mind.
  • Customer collaboration through crowdsourcing, not through guesswork.
  • Bias to action, velocity, and simplicity (read reduced costs and higher returns).

Service Offerings

Social Media: blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
Media Relations: media monitoring, media releases, local media contacts, global media outreach.

Content Development: articles, white papers, newsletters, blog pieces, PowerPoint, website copy, books, sales enablement tools and collateral, media kits, brand positioning statements, speech writing, editing, curation, publication planning, brand, and messaging guidelines.

Searchability through SEO and social media: Investing in SEO is a wise decision for any business to thrive. It increases the visibility of your content, projects, properties, products, services, and brand in general.

Influencer marketing: Influencers direct their followers to your brand and address the uncertainties that affect them with new perspectives. Pump some marketing budget into influencer marketing alongside other initiatives for even more growth and adoption of your brand.

Agile Marketing: Work process tuning, executive presentations, training and development, alliance development, sales and marketing alignment programs, market research, sales training, marketing team development, go-to-market planning, brand positioning workshops

Your Best First Step

What If What Next content marketing will focus you and your team on matters most — personal connection, searchability, relatability, and authenticity. 

Let’s talk. We will provide you with a detailed proposal based on your objectives, needs, and budget.

Howard Oliver, MBA,

Managing Director, What If What Next Consulting,  416-568-5254.

About What If What Next: What If What Next ( is a full-service content marketing agency offering PR, Web Site Development, SEO, Content Creation, and Social Media Management.

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