What If What Next

A PR, content marketing and interactive video agency specializing in revenue producing marketing solutions for strip malls, shopping centers and retail brands.

What If What Next™ can help your strip malls rock! Grow your strip mall and shopping center investments with our hard working VIDEOS, VISUALS, and VERBIAGE that boosts attention, traffic, and sales.

Our team consists of a campaign-hardened group of strategic marketing communicators, researchers, writers, editors, videographers, graphic artists,  social media community managers,  PR experts, and project managers. 

We work with a select group of  Marketing and Retail Tech partners to provide our clients with the best technology support possible. 

As this sector rapidly evolves, our ongoing industry tracking provides our clients with insight into new, emerging  tenant opportunities. Follow us on Twitter


Your First Step

In September, 2018 we helped a shopping mall in Georgia grow Facebook views & engagement by over 40% using interactive weekend video flyers, (build upon our technology partner’s Spotful platform) posters, long content and PR to promote a highly successful store opening & other sales. Great momentum building for holiday shopping! Please see the associated case study.

Would you have 30 minutes for a brainstorming session leading to a trial of our services at one of your critical strip malls or shopping centers. Inquire at  info@whatifwhatnext.com, 416-568-5254, or click here.