Bill Gates said, ‘If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR.’


What If What Next introduces a new results driven PR and content marketing service

Our seasoned and hard working PR pros and exceptional writers can help your business grow in size and influence, and expand your client base with earned media coverage, social media engagement, inbound links, quality leads, and new revenue streams.

How do we do it?

  • Select a strategic focus (e.g. a new business, a new innovative product or service)
  • Develop a media plan, allowing you to effectively promote your business and target prospective customers using our extensive media contacts, including social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
  • Each day scan the web for journalists and industry influencers covering the target industry. Reach out and start meaningful conversations with them.
  • Write four 250-word blog pieces for your website and social media assets. Click HERE and we will write the first blog post, as a trial assignment
  • Enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through placing inbound links on blogs and other relevant media
  • Write and publish a relevant press release
  • Write an exceptionally compelling pitch letter with core messages and selling points
  • Reach out vigorously to relevant media, journalists, bloggers and industry influencers
  • Secure coverage across targeted media platforms

Our fee structure: A monthly retainer for PR services provides less value than hourly fees for all but very large companies. PR delivered by senior PR professionals (with extensive experience and media contacts) on an as need be advisory-planning service @$150/hr, editing/writing, content marketing, SEO @ $75, using cloud-based PRTech (e.g. and leveraging a client’s internal content expertise and resources – will produce more media coverage, more leads, establish better footholds in new markets, and engage more  influencers partners – at less cost than an inherently  inefficient monthly retainer based compensation schemes from a traditional PR firm.

Our clients have responded very positively to our new fee structure: “Absolutely the way to go. It falls in line with a concept I already engage with a couple other vendors who are set up as a productized service. More narrow offerings, that are delivered with consistency, while remaining high quality. Would love to speak about that.”

What If What Next™ is a boutique agency that offers PR and Digital Marketing services to technology companies: data centers, hybrid cloud computing, PR Tech, cyber security, IT services and beyond. Click HERE  for our latest newsletter.

What If What Next is proud to support tech incubators and the companies serve with special Tech PR offerings tuned to meet the needs of early stage companies. Special shout out Nova Scotian innovators. 

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