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Opinion: Canada-France collaboration in tech sector could benefit Montrealers


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This case study was originally published in IT World Canada based on an interview with Chris Con, Technical Director B2B2C. B2B2C is a customer of SNAPI Guard. They are a provider of Internet, telephony and cloud services for both businesses and residences in the province of Quebec. B2B2C aims to differentiate itself from the network giants by offering SME-focused flexibility and cost-effective pricing. Click to download the case study: SNAPI Guard Case Study B2B2C


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Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers Ltd. Deemed a 2016 Technology Leader

SNAPI Guard has established Canada’s largest DDoS protection scrubbing center in Montreal at I.C.E Datacenters’ interconnection hub at 875 St. Antoine.

METRO OPTIC AND I.C.E DATACENTERS announce the services of ThinkTel, the business services division of Distributel, offering Microsoft ExpressRoute, Microsoft 365 and Skype for Business

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