What If What Next’s focus: Building awareness of the client in targeted markets to generate quality leads and drive revenue.

What If What Next™ is a boutique agency that offers marketing strategy, PR, content marketing and business development services to technology companies: IoT, data centers, cloud computing, software, hardware, consulting and beyond.

We are keen on taking responsibility for communicating your technology company’s news, events and research to your core or new markets in order to grow and enhance your company’s sales, image and brand globally. We will work with your senior management team to plan and implement PR and Content Marketing strategies and create an informed and receptive climate for marketing your organisation. These goals will be accomplished by collaborating with external media (paid and non-paid), business groups, stakeholder communities, and other groups to generate positive public awareness of your company.

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Get more media coverage in 2017

Richard Branson wisely said: “A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.” A 2014 Nielson study concluded that PR is 90% more effective than advertising. 80% of business decision-makers prefer learning about companies through articles instead of advertisements, and 48% of the millennial audience says word-of-mouth influences their buying decisions over other marketing forms. PR is also measurable. The metrics we use in our PR campaigns include: Press clippings, media impressions and social media mentions Press releases and related content generated Media relationships built (media lists) Tuning of messaging Influencers connected to and engaged in making positive comment (Influencer Marketing) Inbound links (SEO) Content analysis –  Did the reporter mention your brand’s key messages? Is your company being portrayed in a positive light? Website traffic, conversions and quality lead generation Get more media coverage in 2017. Ask us how at info@whatifwhatnext.com or call...